The delarosby clan- FAMILY

This my family. My wife and I got married on July 22, 2000. We now have 5 beautiful children that love the Lord and love people just like us. We love the local church, ministry, and Oakland everything! We laugh, have fun, play and most importantly; what we do we do together.




I strive to be the best husband I can possibly be. In return Pamela is the greatest wife! She is my rock, my support, my biggest cheerleader and best friend. We have learned a lot about being married and I cannot wait to share some of that with you soon.



These are my arrows. It is my responsibility that I take care of them, raise them up in the things of God and send them off with a target in mind. They are beautiful, funny, happy and are the best kids ever. No bias!



Friendships are super valuable to me and these are just a few of them that I have the honor of doing life with. Get you some.