The Love Pursuit

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would LOVE to be chased ? If you were a younger sibling your older brother or sister would chase you around the house after you have done something wrong. Probably read your sister’s diary or take your older brother’s favorite toy. Sometimes you get chased just because it is fun. Even when we get a little older the chase is still on. Instead of being chased by your family the chase now involved a boy or a girl. As gross as we may have thought girls were in elementary school it was still fun to be ran down by a girl only to get punched in the arm. For the girls….they just love to be chased. Period. 

Alot of times we see the chase, the pursuit and we think “Is it ever gonna end ?” Well, maybe. More than likely when it comes to the siblings chasing you, that cute boy, that hot girl or even a bully. See all those things are temporary. All the things that have been chasing you here on this earth are for just a season. And then I start to think about the everlasting pursuit. The pursuit that will never give up. The pursuit that won’t get tired of chasing you because you seem to outrun or avoid it. Because in the natural that is what happens. We are usually able to outrun your sister. Or sometimes avoid that person because you are smarter than them. But the awesome,amazing,everlasting LOVE pursuit of God doesn’t get tired and is definitely smarter than you.

See when you were a kid it would take a long time for you to tire out. You could run and run and avoid with the best of them. And when it came time to take a break or a rest that person or thing that was pursuing you is nowhere to be found. AAhhhh…a sigh of relief. Until next time. And don’t we just enjoy that rest time. We use that time to regroup,catch our breath and even strategize about our next move. But we are never comfortable. Always on edge. Always looking behind us.

The LOVE pursuit defies all of those things. The LOVE pursuit never gives up. No matter how messed up,beat upor caught up you are it is always the same. Some of you are being chased right now by God’s LOVE. Some of you are wondering why it will not give up. All those other things in life gave up on you. But God’s LOVE will not. And when you get caught by it. When it catches up to you or….you give up. It will be there. And once we are caught it is far from what you have experienced before in a chase. It is not a brotherly love sitting on you farting in your face because you took something of his. It is not you sister who runs you down only to dress you up like a girl. It is not that bully who gives you the ULTIMATE WEDGIE.

There is rest. Psalm 91:1 . Once you experience that unconditional LOVE there is peace. There is acceptance,forgiveness,freedom and awesomeness. God is pursuing you with his LOVE. Read about it. Experience it and then Live It.

Matt Delarosby