Priming The Pump

You are probable asking. What does priming the pump mean ? Or you might be one that already knows what it means. And if you already know let’s take a moment and inform those that may not be keen to this term in any way. A very simple definition -“Priming a pump means filling the pump with water so it is not pushing air”. You would probably understand more in the terms of a lawn mower or an engine. Fuel or gas is what is used to keep engines running. But before they start there needs to be combustion that happens. Combustion happens when the fuel and spark collide in a pressurized chamber. How you get fuel to the chamber is by a pump. In our cars we drive there is an electric pump that pushes just enough fuel in the chamber so that when you crank the engine it fires up and there you have it. You are driving around in no time. Our lawn mowers are not equipped in that way. This is where that small red bubble on the side of the engine comes into play. You have to manually press the red button three to five times to push the fuel into the chamber so that when pull start the engine gas will then flow.

Ok so now that there is an understanding of what priming the pump means and how it works I have been thinking a lot lately on the water well pump (the one in the pic above). There is a scripture that I continue to remind myself with on a daily basis.

Matt 12:34

“….For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Abundance. A fantastic word when we think of Our God. He is all about more,extra,more than enough,extra extra read all about it. That is His nature. Many times throughout the bible God speaks of overflow. One of my favorites and many of yours is in…

Ephesians 3:20

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,”

Did you see that ? Three times. EXCEEDINGLY which means more. ABUNDANTLY which means plentiful. ABOVE ALL which means….well. ABOVE ALL. That is all overflow. And I believe as Christ followers. As leaders in the church. As a staff member that we must always operate out of that overflow. There are so many people in the world that are lost and bone dry empty. They are the ones that are pumping that handle or pulling the cord to try to start some type of flow and they just cannot do it without priming the pump. So this post is not just encouragement for you to go out an operate out of your overflow for other people. Helping them prime their pump with your gifts,leadership,encouragement,love etc etc. This is probably more for those that are THE leaders,staff members,influencers within the church. If our wells are dry or our pumps are not working how are going to pour ourselves out to those who need it most. What are you doing to keep your pump flowing? Or better question should be ARE YOU keeping your pump flowing? Many times I wish we could be like the electrical pump or the even the self priming type pumps but in all reality we are not. Some if not all of the greatest Pastors,leaders and big timers don’t wake up in the morning overflowing with wisdom and ideas without first pouring into themselves. Whether it be books,podcasts,listening to others and just plain diving into the Word of God. We always need to allow a pour into our pumps,into our lives so that we can pour back out without becoming totally being emptied out.

Something very cool happens when the pump is primed. It becomes natural to pour out that which is being poured in. Not sure if anyone out there has ever used one of those pumps for a well but if you try to pump it when it is dry you will tire yourself out trying to get a drip of water. But when primed. When poured into first the flow comes easy. That is our sweet spot as leaders. Operate out of the overflow. That flow will be easy as we prime ourselves each morning on a daily basis. Never forget where our help comes from. Never forget that it is God who wants to open the windows of heaven to us. We have access and the best part is that the access is free. Operate out of what overflows in your life by first priming your pump.

Matt Delarosby