Parenting Rules I Break

Parenting Rule! This has a double meaning. First is, YES parenting is awesome. Next is, YES there are parenting rules that we, as a parent make up or we gather from our own parents and even pull from the Bible. Needless to say the rules we make for our children as parents must be followed. Says who?!?!

I like to laugh and I like to have fun. Especially with my wife and kids. Laughter,humor and fun are an absolute necessity in the DeLaRosby life. If you have ever been around any of the 7 DeLaRosby’s you would know this to be true. And then there is this part. My wife and I tend to argue…ALOT. Mostly about who is the funniest in the family as well as amongst us as parents. Therefore our kids tend to do the same thing. See. FUN!

Here are a few parenting rules that my wife and I break and break often….and it is OK in my book.

Of course discipline is very essential in our household as it should be for all. Discipline means to train people to obey rules. Or to correct disobedience and I believe in it. It actually differs from kid to kid depending on personality and age. But I must confess. There is not a whole lot of discipline that happens in our household due to our training,teaching and preventative talks that we have with our kids. And every once in a while I break some rules within the disciplining process. For example. We see something that our son and/or daughter said or did that was wrong but actually pretty funny. Immediately there should be correction or discipline. But Pamela and I will sometimes have to look away to cover up our laughing. Or even go into the other room so that they don’t see us crack up. THIS is the rule we break. We like our kids to see that we are fun parents. That we like to laugh sometimes at our mistakes. That we sometimes, if not most times, take things sort of lightly So we have fun on occasion. My children are very resilient in this way and understand right from wrong. So missing a chance to correct and have fun instead is totally worth it. The best way to go for us to simply talk to our children with words about what happened. You would be surprised how effective that tactic is rather than striking a child unnecessarily.

If you know my wife you know one thing is for sure. She is a hugger. Whether you have known her for years or just met her. I guarantee you will get a hug. I am not that far behind her in that department partly because of her affection. We like to show people our love for them and especially each other. Hence the 5 children. =)
So when it comes to affection IN FRONT of our children, we show it and are not ashamed. Now of course we draw a line as to how much they actually “see”. Don’t get all crazy on me. But there is one thing that I have learned from my wife and it is that when we as husband and wife show affection towards each other it gives our kids security. I know what you are thinking. “How is this a rule?” Well I have talked to parents,students and friends and many of them have never seen their parents kids,hold hands,hug or even talk nice to one another. My wife and I shatter all of those notions. Purposefully in front of our kids we show affection with our words,our eyes and more often than not our lips. This starts what our kids know as a “family hug”. Imagine 5 beautiful children piling on you to get in on our notorious family hug. Please do not forget to show your kids affection as well. They want it more than you think they do.

All I am saying is it is ok to have some fun while you are parenting your children. Have some laughs and make some memories.

Matt Delarosby