How's It Going? Hanging In There...

So…I was overhearing some people at work talk. They were standing right next to me… worries on the ear hustling.

This is how the conversation started………” Hey how is it going ?” “aaww man…you know..just hanging in there (with an unhopeful sound in his voice)” the other guy says , with a chuckle ” yeah man i know what you mean ” , as he shakes his head with doubt….and that was that.

Now I am pretty sure that all of us has either heard that conversation go on or have even been a part of it on either end. Everyday we hear about people just hanging in there with just enough hope and belief that their next breath is coming. Having no hope for future or even loving the present.

I will be the first to admit that at a few times in my life I said “just hanging in there” (with a pouty look on my face looking for sympathy)

Then I got to thinking. There are plenty of things in life to be excited about, to have hope for , to believe in.

What I did when I got to that point of just hanging in there is stop and think. And I thought …there is God in heaven who loves me, there is a bunch of kids (my own) who absolutely love me and I have a huge future, there is a woman (Pamela) who is in love with me and so on.

Now…when someone asks me “How is it going??” I can say…” IT IS GOING AWESOME….LIFE IS GOOD”

See …what happens when we focus and think about what we have been blessed with; things in our life don’t seem to be too bad. Whether you are hanging in there financially,spiritually,with a relationship or your job. It doesn’t matter.

Jesus came to give us Life and Life abundantly. He wants the best for us and HAS the best for us.

Here is a challenge for you. Ask someone how they are doing and if or when they say “just hanging in there” Reply to them by saying and meaning ” I will pray for you” You will be surprised by the response and what doors will be opened. You never know the impact you might have on that person.

Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything.

Have faith !

Matt Delarosby