Faith Diving

Skydiving. I have never been nor will I in the very near or far future. I have only heard what it feels like to take a dive out of an airplane flying 15,000 feet in the air with just a piece of cloth attached to your back. Jumping off a tall cliff into the lake. Not for me. Now I do and will go on rides at Great America like Drop Zone or Tower of Terror for that free fall effect. The reason I do is because I am harnessed. There is a sense of safety with the thrill of a free fall. I have so much to live for!!!!! Why would I jump out of a plane. Who cares about the parachute. Not gonna happen.

I tend to approach my faith like this every once in a while. I always want to jump right out and do something or try something new but only if there is some sort of harness or safety in place just in case I change my mind or get too scared to follow through. Many of you know 6 years ago we decided to take the biggest FAITH DIVE we have ever taken in our lives and move to Texas believing this is where God wanted us to be right now. We sold our home, quit our jobs, left our families all on a peace that God gave us about Texas. 6 years later we look back and at that time we were scared out of our minds about all of the unknown but now are so thankful we took the dive. Every step of the way God’s hand was and still is on our lives. He has provided in every area of our lives even when we didn’t think or feel He would. It definitely built our faith tremendously. We began to make some bigger dives and leaps of faith because of it. Now we are able to strengthen those around us with our story. God used our faith and obedience to encourage others.

My question to you is this. Are you facing a leap of faith? A faith dive? Where are you on it? God wants our COMPLETE trust in Him. I am preaching to myself in all this because I am on that edge of a dive into something I have never done before. There is a pinata in front of me filled with joy, goodness and candy(so to speak). I have been equipped with a stick to straight rip this pinata wide open. Once it is broken there will be a lot of happy people enjoying the fruit, or in this case candy. There are two problems though. The first is I am blindfolded. I don’t necessarily see where the pinata is but I know it is there. You know when you were a kid the adult who was controlling the pinata would spin you around and raise or lower it so you would just barely miss it. Yeah that was only fun for spectators. The second part is I am the only one capable of hitting and breaking open the joy,goodness and candy filled decorated cardboard concoction. I have the stick to do so.

Here is what a good dad does in this situation when their kid is up to bat. After swinging a few times and missing while still blindfolded. Maybe hitting the target once or twice. A good dad would take the pinata and stop it from moving. He then would point his son in the right direction so that when he swung once more there would be some solid connection with what he is trying to hit. It may not break at first strike. All the while still blindfolded. This is the God we serve. He wants us to succeed and be fruitful. He wants to point us in the right direction so that when we jump,dive or in this case swing we WILL hit the target. What are you waiting for? Take some swings. Jump on out there. Take a faith dive and I guarantee you will not regret it. God is with you!

Matt Delarosby