Attraction Or Deterrent

As a family we tend to be spontaneous at times. On occasion we pack a lunch and head somewhere like the Zoo. We usually try and do something different every Saturday with the kids. Wether it is playing outside, going out to eat pizza, staying inside and lounging all day or being creative. So Zoo it was. 

Of course on this particular occasion at the Zoo we all had a blast. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out and a breeze was blowing. And you guessed it. We were definately not the only ones who thought it would be a nice day for the Zoo. 

So here is my thought I just was thinking about. Our role and/or responsibility in our walk and relationship with God is to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

A Zoo is an ATTRACTION. People will bring friends and family to this place because it attracts people. When they arrive they have a smile on thier faces. They will pay any dollar amount for that Zebra Head souvenir cup filled with majority ice and very little soda that will only make them more thirsty and then have to pay for a refill. They walk around in amazement. They sometimes just sit in the presence of the attraction on a bench or in a bathroom. 

My point is that the Zoo is definately NOT a DETERRENT. It doesn’t push people away or try to be something that it is not. Most people, hopefully all people, don’t expect coming to the Zoo to ride a roller coaster. They know exactly what they are going to get everytime. That is why it is called an ATTRACTION. They leave wanting more and wanting to come back. 

As a representative of Jesus in the environment that you are in. Ask yourself. Am I attracting or deterring people. When we become an attraction it is not because of something that we did. It is because something we said. LESS of me and MORE of him in our lives. At that point people will want to be around you because of the LIFE inside of you. Like the LIFE inside the Zoo. They will want to learn about it. Maybe get a season pass. Bring a friend or family member. And they know exactly who and what thy are getting everytime. That makes them happy. 

One thing I do know is that people do NOT like FAKE-o’s. We will deter people when we try to be something that you are not or you are NOT who you say you are. Your ACTIONS speak louder than your words. 

Become an Attraction for the Kingdom not a Detterant.

Matt Delarosby