Are You Comfortable?

The things in life that you want the most are worth working hard for!

The reason I say that is because I want something. Either knowingly or unknowingly. There is something that I want. Now some of you might think "It's because you are almost (insert age)" Well maybe..just maybe.

Or is it the fact that everyone wants security. Everyone wants to know that they have done whatever they can to be successfull. Or that we want to know that we know we are doing what are supposed to be doing. It could be any or all of those.

For me I want to leave a legacy for my children. I want them to be able to look back and say "wow" our dad. I can sit back and talk about my parents and how much of a legacy they left and then I can talk about to my kids. It is awesome.

So now what? Do I get and be comfortable with where I am? Do I settle for my current position? Of course not !! And niether should you. I have two things for those reading this. Encouragement and a challenge.

The encouragement is that there is ALWAYS room for advancement. Just when you think or feel like you hit the ceiling or a wall and there is no moving up; look a little higher or a little further. There is another level, but you are going to have work that much harder for it. That is exactly what I am doing right now.

Here is the challenge. What is is that you are pursuing? What are you going after? Is it money? Because you will fnd money. Is it success? Because you will find success. Is it a closer relationship with God? Because you will have it. Whatever it is that we are working so hard to get is exactly what we are going to get. Or something very close. So think about what it is you are working hard for. Have you found it? Do you have that? If not, work harder, persevere and never give up. Always make sure that you are happy with whatever is you are doing or going after.

Matt Delarosby