4 - Giveness

4 GIVEness....why the 4 for forgiveness ?? Let me tell you

I believe that forgiveness will do 4 things for you. Very simple and very powerful. The first thing that forgiveness does for YOU is that it brings...


See something happens when YOU forgive someone for something they have done. We already know what happens when WE are forgiven. Because WE ALL are already forgiven by the one that matters most. GOD. And He released all memories of our sin. He also released his LOVE which is SO much more than we can ever imagine it to actually be.

We all have been hurt by someone because of something they have done or said or didn't say or didn't do. You name it and we hold grudges. It almost comes natural (without God's love). I will admit that it takes alot to forgive someone for something. We all LOVE to RECEIVE stuff,gifts,money etc etc. And it is EASY.It is a little harder to GIVE something...of ourselves...time...money etc etc. That is what forGIVEness is. It is giving...releasing. When YOU forGIVE someone you release LOVE and you release grudges and strongholds. Which means you can now ADVANCE


The next thing it does is HEALING. Healing is a very important of the process of forgiveness. Take Jesus for example. He was beaten and bruised and spit on and whipped..you name it and happened to him. He did it so that we didn't have to. He forGAVE out of LOVE. Once he had said "Father forgive them" I believe a healing started to happen to Jesus. Not only was he completely healed of all those things , he was RISEN from the dead and is ALIVE. Healing takes place in the midst of forgiveness.


Renewal happens when forgiveness happens. A clean slate. When you forgive someone you sometimes might say this. "Hey I forgive you, let's start FRESH or NEW or start OVER"
A renewing of relationships of love. The Bible says that when we ask for forgiveness for our sins we are a NEW creature a NEW person in Christ Jesus. It is like renewing your driver's license...guess what you get a NEW picture. How many would want a NEW picture. "for the old things have passed away....all things are new" 2 Cor 5:17


Finally what forgiveness does is it brings HOPE. The bible says even when we were still sinners God sent his son...WHY ?? Because of HOPE. God knew that there is HOPE in mankind if we just follow Jesus. Forgiveness had to happen first. God was upset because of what Adam did in the garden. That separated us from God. When you are not forgiving someone you are separated. You probably don't talk with that person. And when you think about them you get all upset.

When you forGIVE someone you are putting HOPE into a NEW relationship or friendship. Because don't we all HOPE that things will work out this time around ? Don't we all want HOPE that we may do things different ??

So...I challenge you today to think about who in your life needs forgiveness....or if you need to ask for forgiveness.

Col 3:13
"Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others."

Matt Delarosby