Next Level

What you are about to read is a post I wrote in 2009. A year that I was in transition. Closing down a failed business, recent shoulder surgery and a fire within for ministry. Looking back it now I believe this was a prophetic post that has continued to encourage me. Check it out!


What is the next level for you ??

I continually ask this question to myself....wondering where it is that I am suppose to be next.

What is it that I am really suppose to do ??

I mean...I am not talking about being a Husband to an AWESOME wife.

Or a FATHER to AWESOME KIDS...Or a brother or uncle or son etc etc...That is stuff I know about. It is who I am.

There is definitely something bigger and better for me to do with my gifts and talents that God has graciously given to me. I would love nothing better than to do something with them that will please Him.

When I read the Bible and look at some of the men that became awesome leaders and how they were transformed and doors were opened for them to excel. I think...."why couldn't that happen today". "God is no different from those times. " "How am I suppose to get God's attention ?"

Well two weeks ago I preached a message on getting the attention of God. It was about the woman who crawled on the ground and told herself that if she could just touch the him of his garment that she would be healed.....guess what..she did it.

So I am going to take the approach that I taught the middle school students to take.

1. Persistent- Always be chasing after God "Draw near to him and he will draw near to you"
2.Attention- What am I doing to get God's attention ? Am I giving God attention ?
3.Affection- Am I showing God affection ? Am I receiving God's affection ?

Those 3 things will help me make progress in anything and all that I do.

Challenge Yourself

Matt Delarosby